Hibernate Annotations and Wicket

Wow. It's been an insane 24 hours.

It all started by me posting this simple question on the wicket mailing list:

Anyone have some fancy integration of hibernate and wicket?

The response?

Why don't you write one?

And so it began...

After a flurry of research into this area, I've whipped together a hibernate/wicket object that reads hibernate annotations and configures the wicket component respectively.

Essentially, right now it will auto configure a component by:

  • set component to be "required" when using NotNullannotation

  • add "maxlength" attribute when using Lengthannotation

Still lots of work to be done:

  • attach client side javascript validation

  • maybe integrate into the wicket validation framework?

The code is checked into wicket stuff and I'd appreciate anyone interested to take a look and let me know what they think.