Wicketstuff-Hibernate Updates

It's been a week since [the first "release" of my wicket/hibernate integration, and the feedback from the wicket community has been pretty amazing.

Short iterations are the key to software success, so I've incorporated a number of changes suggested by folks and pushed out a new snapshot release. Changes include:

  • Support OGNL PropertyModel expressions for resolving annotations on models using nested properties. This feature was suggested by Matej, and now allows for the hibernate configurator to inspect anyPropertyModelthat's supported by Wicket. ex:
new PropertyModel(new MyObject(), "innerObject.name");
  • Prevent re-configuring a component if it has already been rendered. A nice optimization suggested by Igor which is especially useful for ajax heavy applications using the hibernate configurator as an application listener. This will remove any overhead for when a component is rendered multiple times.

  • Support any model that implements IPropertyReflectionAwareModelinterface. This opens up the door for users to use other implementations of Model and not be limited to just using a PropertyModel.

The feedback has been great, and I would love to hear more from users about other areas as well.

  • What can be done to allow for drop dead simple integration of this hibernate configurator with other projects?

  • Is there anything preventing you from using this hibernate configurator with your project?

  • What other hibernate annotations would be useful to integrate?