Cell Phones and Stupid People

Ryan Sonnek bio photo By Ryan Sonnek

Most states are looking into banning general cell phone use while driving unless you have some kind of hands free equipment. I have witnessed first hand that regardless of using a cell phone, certain people are too stupid and should not even be allowed to drive.

Case and point comes while I was driving this weekend and while talking on my cell phone (with NO hands free crap), some redneck in their 12 ton S.U.V. tries to merge into my driver side door. I somehow managed to lay on the horn, swerve out of the way, stay on the highway going 70MPH, and still maintain the conversation on the cell phone. Granted, I am the smartest man alive, but is it honestly that difficult to multitask? I suggest that instead of banning cell phone use for EVERYONE, stupid people should just be locked away somewhere, so they won’t get in my way.