Spring-RCP/JTaskPane Promoted To L2FProd

Ryan Sonnek bio photo By Ryan Sonnek

The common Swing components created by l2fprod.com just accepted the code I wrote recently to integrate Spring-RCP with JTaskPane.

I was contacted last week by Frederic, the core developer for the l2fprod project, to try and collaborate on the spring-rcp integration. All of my code was written under the ASL 2.0 license, so he was able to migrate my code directly into his project really quickly.

Since Frederic is much more knowledgable about the JTaskPane component, he was able to add a few new features as well. He also published a new tutorial on how to use the components, which should be a big help to get people up and going.

Last night, I pulled down the newest snapshot of the common l2fprod components, and integrated it into shard. I only had to change the class imports and the spring xml file to use the new components. It was almost too easy…

This is a big win in my book. I removed my custom code, and having it published by the l2fprod project, there’s a much greater chance that others will use this code. It just goes to show how powerful opensource development can really be.