JRoller Is The Suck

Ryan Sonnek bio photo By Ryan Sonnek

I haven’t been the biggest fan of JRoller, and now they’ve sunk to a new low, adding spam to my RSS feed. This comes at a time when JRoller might finally be getting some good press for breaking 10,000 users.

Who the crap is DZone and why are they scamming my RSS feeds!?

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Well, I’m tired of this crappy service! Time to look for a new provider. Luckily those of you subscribing to this feed using my feedburner url will not be affected by any changes. Any suggestions other than blogspot for blog hosting?

I probably wouldn’t have caught this except for the fact that I subscribe to my own RSS feed, and started seeing this junk after each post. Nice try JRoller! You can’t slip something like this past me!