My Strongest Strength

Ryan Sonnek bio photo By Ryan Sonnek

Today I took a personality survey called “The Strengh Finder”, and it got me thinking. The test rated my top five strengths as:

  • Belief -

  • Connections - understanding the cause/effect connectedness of things.

  • Responsibility -

  • Relatable - bond with small group of people that I can be very open around.

  • Intellectual -

Is my belief really a talent that I was born with? A natural resource that is deep inside me waiting to be tapped to it’s fullest potential? I’ve always thought that the strength of my belief has come from years of personal discovery and investigation, but maybe there is something more to it then that. I’ve always wanted to believe in something. There has always been a deep yearning inside me to believe in things greater than myself.

There is a significant challenge that stands before me now. I know I am not challenging my belief and pushing it to the next level. I’m happy to stand quietly on the sidelines and cheer others on as they blaze a trail for Christ. This is not who God intended me to be. I was built with passion as one of the strongest fibers in my being. I’ve learned to use that passion for my work. I need to use that same level of intense, deep passion for my faith life. God has been so gracious, but how many second chances do I have to get my act together? I need to start living, really living, right now!