Socialcast Developer API Released

Ryan Sonnek bio photo By Ryan Sonnek

Incase you missed the announcement, today we unveiled the official release of our Socialcast Developer API.  It’s a 100% REST API designed to open your Socialcast community to a new generation of integrations.

I’m very excited to see new and unconventional integrations pop-up now that this is in the wild.  The API has been a blast to build (mainly attributed to it’s REST-full nature), and the current set of features is pretty compelling.  The possible uses of the API are nearly endless, and our official desktop application is a great example of what can be achieved with the current API.

Just to give folks a little incentive, I’d like to send out a personal challenge for developers to integrate with the Socialcast API.  Anything from Javascript mashups to desktop widgets to command line scripts are possible.  Just build something cool and put it out there! 

What’s that?  A little contest you say?

  • no rules
  • no limitations
  • no judges (except me of course) 
  • it’s a no holds barred hack-a-thon!

Oh, but of course there are prizes!

  • I will personally buy anyone that gets something working a BEER! Unfortunately, this offer only applies to folks in the Twin Cities (or San Francisco when I’m in the area). If you are not a resident of the Twin Cities, I’ll be sending you a one of a kind flickr picture of beer which you can then print out on your fancy printer and hang on the wall next to your picture of Captain Picard!
  • Socialcast swag. T-Shirts and the like are developer’s gold!
  • Okay, so the prizes aren’t that exciting, but think of the GLORY! This is out of my own pocket and not an “official” Socialcast competition, so please be understanding.

If you have questions or comments, please see the Socialcast API developer support group or feel free to contact me directly.  Now get out there and build some kick ass apps!

P.S.  Anyone implementing a Socialcast Ubiquity plugin might earn TWO beers!  :)