Delicious Google Chrome Extension

Ryan Sonnek bio photo By Ryan Sonnek

I use Delicious. A LOT.

It’s one of the few web services that I have used religiously for years. One of the main reasons I continue to use Delicious is sheer number of great integrations with their developer API. The Delicious plugin for Firefox is quite good and there is nothing equivalent available for my new default browser, Google Chrome…until now!

I’m excited to officially announce the release of my Delicious Chrome extension!

The Delicious Chrome extension adds a browser action that will save your current page as a Delicious bookmark. The extension will also show popular and recommended tags for the current page and you can add these tags to your bookmark with a simple click.

But that’s not all! The Delicious Chrome extension also integrates with the standard Chrome bookmark stars. Starring a page will automatically save the page on Delicious as well! This should greatly help users add Delicious to their existing browsing behavior without having to learn a new tool.

This extension is 100% opensource and contributions are always welcome! Please leave any feedback here or on the extension install page.