Mailinator Google Chrome Extension

Ryan Sonnek bio photo By Ryan Sonnek

Have you ever visited a website that required an email registration form, but you really didn’t want to give out your primary email address? Mailinator is a wonderful service that helps rid the world of junk mail, one garbage email address at a time.

Using a one-time use email inbox is a great way to keep unsolicited email out of your way. And now the Mailinator Google Chrome extension makes it even easier to generate a one-time email address to get you through those annoying site registration forms.

Features include:

  • one click generation of a random email address
  • popup widget to check your mailinator email inbox

Under the covers, the plugin is very simple. Mailinator provides a pretty decent iframe integration out of the box, and generating a random email inbox in Javascript is pretty trivial.

The code is 100% open source and available on github. I’d love to add in a “Copy address to clipboard” feature, but it looks like Flash is the only way to accomplish that. Let me know if you have any other suggestions.

I have no affiliation with Mailinator. I’m just a hacker that is very sick of sites requiring email addresses and not offering open ID integration. :)