A New Day

Ryan Sonnek bio photo By Ryan Sonnek Comment

In just a few minutes, the clock will chime, and with it, I will have another year under my belt. Another year older, and hopefully another year wiser…

It’s been an amazing and eventful year as a father of a growing family, and as a developer now transitioning to a new company. My spare time has been reduced to near zero and my reduced capacity for hackathons has forced me to be incredibly selective in what opensource projects I invest in.

With all of this change comes uncertainty. Risk. The possibility that something may fall apart. So, why leave a good thing for a new venture? Why choose the unknown?

I’ve been incredibly blessed over the past five years to be a part of something special. Working at a startup had always been a dream, and working at a successful startup was an absolute dream come true. But at some point, things can become comfortable and routine which is a red flag that change is necessary.

Keeping the status quo is not an option. A feeling of complacency can lull you to into a secure position and steal away the passion and fire that got you to where you are today. So where do we go from here? The answer of course is forward.

Every single decision has an unknown outcome on your future. Although there is a risk of failure, these is also a guarantee for new opportunities. If you are unwilling to change, you are guaranteed to atrophy.

Each day is a chance to move. A chance to learn. Every moment is a chance to grow.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”